Saturday, July 28, 2007

Applications to install when setting up a new workstation

I'm going to loose my precious MacBook Pro since I'm quitting my current job.
So just few days before I'm handing it off I'm backing up my personal files and preparing a list of stuff I need to install when I'll get my new workstation. I consider this list as a must have for every programmer/architect/project lead.

  1. QuickSilver - obviously. A necessity for every Mac user interested in productivity and not afraid of the keyboard.
  2. iGTD - If you're juggling multiple context activities and sometime feels that sometimes things are getting out of hands, then you need to take a look at iGTD. On the Mac, iGTD is the best GTD tool I know of.
  3. FreeMind - For similar reasons as using iGTD and much more, FreeMind had become a necessary working tool. I index and organize there tons of information. There might be better MinddMapping tools, but this is free and runs on all platforms.
  4. PTHPasteboard - This is a real necessity! I don't understand how people can't work with any multiple pasteboard application. I use it all the time, especially when I do programming. Its free and minimalistic, things I like about software.
  5. iTerm - Better then the default Mac terminal in many ways. Top of all is tabs which helps me keep the desktop sane when multi tasking...
  6. Eclipse - The best Java IDE I know of.
  7. TextWrangler - My favorite text editor on Mac.
  8. Google Desktop - It does a better indexing job then Spotlight.
  9. Growl - Like QuickSilver, its a Mac basics.
  10. MenuMeters - I like to know what's happening with my computer.
  11. muCommander - When getting down to business, its my favorite most productive file manager application on Mac.
  12. KeePassX - The way I keep my gazillion accounts in control.
  13. MagiCal - Far better then the default Mac calender.

Needless to mention, but there's also Skype, Adium, Firefox, NeoOffice, Gimp, VLC, Acrobat, The Unarchiver, and probably few other basic/trivial apps I forgot about.


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