Sunday, July 29, 2007

Podcasts to register on

When moving to a new working station I'll need to re-register to my podcasts. Don't have much of them, and many I dropped along the way. My favorites are:

  • The Java Posse - My favorites, followed them from the beginning.
  • Parleys - Has some good technical talks. I actually listen to only 25% of them since a lot of them are not interesting / with bad speakers, but its worth it. I especially like the JavaPolis talks.
  • Drunk and Retired - Their good, no doubt about it. But usually I don't have enough patients for their bullshit and humor. If the topic is interesting I'll listen in.
  • 43 Folders - Some of it is good, mainly in the area of GTD and some stuff for Mac users. The video cast they have for may users is much better.
  • FeatherCast - Not extremely interesting, but they sometime have interesting discussions about some of the products. Good to be kept informed.
  • IT Conversations - Need to be very selective here, though some are interesting.
The problem is now that I have much less time doing commuting :-)
I'll start riding the bike to work (~40 min), that will give me enough time to listen to all I want.


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