Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Announcing the Java Posse LinkedIn Group

Yesterday morning when I biked to work down the Shoreline blvd I happened to be listening to episode #145 of the Jave Posse.
The night before was a bit rainy so was the road itself, so the user experience was damaged a bit. But thanks for the GoF (Gang-Of-Four a.k.a. Tor, Carl, Dick, and Joe) I enjoyed listening to some philosophy (properties in programming languages, and component oriented programming), religion (tabs vs spaces), and other fun stuff.
Nevertheless my mind was a bit districted with a how to test a small LinkedIn Groups feature I just implemented. And then, just when the posse called out names from the IRC room I had an enlightenment: how about creating a Java Posse LinkedIn Group?

Few reasons:

  • Looking at the activity in the Posse newsgroup (and IRC room) its apparent that a community is being created. This group could be a yet another community affiliation mark.
  • A way to publicize the podcast. People how might look at your profiles and think to himself "Lots of techies I know are in this Java Posse group; wonder what’s that all about...".
  • A way for you to publicize yourself: "only real Java masters listen to the Posse" or "Listening to the Java Posse makes you a Java master" (and wearing Nike makes you an athlete...).
  • You could more easily find how is that guy how wrote something about that subject in the Posse newsgroup.
  • I will be able to test the group’s features as a real user :-)
In his excellent post A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy, Clay Shirky wrote that a good community should have some entrance barriers. I think he got something there, therefore I'll post the invitation URL only in the Posse newsgroup.
Yea, it's easy to get there and find the link, but many people will drop on the way and may only the fit remain. Placing the link on a blog will reduce the efficiency of the group. If that barrier won't be enough, or someone will post the link in his blog, then we'll probably have to kill him and think on other joining barriers.

So please go ahead and join the group...


Mairi November 10, 2008 at 8:55 PM  

This is great info to know.

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