Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Long Tail

Actually, I was kind of getting tiered of the long tail concept. I was using it aggressively in IBM to promote OHF, but now when its a common phrase it seems to be overused.
Nevertheless, thought I did read the major blogs and articles about it, I decided to take the final step and read the book.

The book itself is not much different then many of the new popular economic books. It has a lot of very interesting statistics which comes to prove the point. Not surprisingly, a big portion of the book could be titled as Web2.0.

One of the refreshing parts of the book is the discussion about tagging. The concept of the long tail are very clear after you get the hang of them, but the golden question is how to get there. One of the answers Chris talks about is tagging. After thinking about it and reviewing the most successful sites today it makes perfect sense! Like many breakthrough ideas, this one is extremely simple to understand (though it has lots of depth), but not necessary easy to implement right.

To conclude, the book is nice and mostly entertaining, with few new innovative insights about why things works the way they do.


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