Tuesday, April 15, 2008

'Eclipse IDE at a crossroads' and a word of IDEA

Or is it...

I was quoted not long ago at EclipseCon by Paul Krill (InfoWorld) for an article by the somewhat controversial topic 'Eclipse IDE at a crossroads'.
I'm not sure the quote was very accurate and that all the speakers in the panel talked about the same thing, but I least I learned something about journalism in the process :-)
Reminds me the German phrase "People who like sausage or politics shouldn't watch either being made"

A week or two before the conference I tried out to use IntelliJ IDEA. Why? Because I don't need to pay for the license (site licence) and few very smart people I know are using it and claiming its the best. So I installed it, and took at least a week to get comfertable with it.
It appears that either I got very used to Eclipse so I missed all of IDEA great things, or Eclipse is really better. Either way I happily returned to Eclipse, not looking back.
I would still be happy to be convince otherwise, but as of now I do think that for my style of work Eclipse is better.

Few things I noticed which made it harder for me to switch:

  • No continues compilation in IDEA. Its actually a problem when you have a huge project like I have and want to run a small JUnit test from within the IDE debuger (and don't want to wait five minutes to compile the wholl prokect).
  • Many ways to do auto compleate which means no one is perfect. Eclipse has a very nice auto compleate that pops to the top of the list the stuff you probably care about right now.
  • No spell checker. Its actually very important for me as my spelling is horrable and I do wish my javadocs will look decent.


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