Sunday, June 29, 2008

Look Ma! I'm on LinkedIn

No, its not about having a profile, and even not about working here. I've just started a second career in modeling. Through some flawed process which failed to pick only the better looking engineers in LinkedIn, I got my pictures up on the Work at LinkedIn site. I just hope now that it won't discourage new employees from joining.

Few words about the next one: I ware ties only when I bike, at work I prefer to attend meetings without shoes or ties.

And by the way, check out our water bottles in the LinkedIn store :-)

NullPointerException at Javac compiler

Got an NPE when compiling from the compiler. Its very annoying since its the compiler bug and very hard to get to the class that freaked it out (no appropriate message). The error is:


The line that promped the javac error is:
List<LinkedList<DateScoreSortable<BaseNewsArticleView>>> lists = getMyLists(...);

I know it look strange, but that's what I needed. Actually I had this code in a test class, but I do use this funky structure in the business logic. Anyway it seems to trigger an edge case in the Sun compiler. The Eclipse JDT incremental Java compiler did not have any problems with the code, it compiled and run it without problems.
I really don't have time now to submit the bug and full sample, maybe later.
By the way it happened on my Mac java version "1.5.0_13". To solved the problem I used the same data sutucture but without the generics, i.e.:
List lists = getMyLists(...);

It worked!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

LinkedIn is 99% Java but 100% Mac

That's my second blog post on the LinkedIn engineering blog. Its mainly about the JavaPosse and LinkedIn the amazing Mac setup engineers have in LinkedIn.

Go ahead and read it there.

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