Sunday, November 09, 2008

Scala (!)

In the last couple of days I went to few sessions at the Silicon Valley Code Camp. The sessions where nice, but the one which impressed me the most was about Scala. I heard about the language few times, and the JavaPosse are constantly talking about it.
So I went to David Pollak's talk about Scala and the Lift web framework.

The more I learned about the language the more I was impressed. Until now I thought that Groovy is the next big thing on the JVM and since LinkedIn is using Groovy I got a bit closer view on it. I must admit, I was not too impressed. Scala on the other hand definitely looks like the way to go. It is fully interoperable with Java legacy code, provide type safety which the lack of it is a big drawback for Groovy, especially when working with huge amounts of code that needs to be refactored once in a while. Having Twitter moving its core server code to Scala, and good Netbeens and Eclipse plugins are yet another good indicators.

Now I need to look for a nail to test this new hammer :-)


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