Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eight Scala or Scala related talks in the coming JavaOne

There will be eight Scala or Scala related talks in the coming ScalaOne!
Oops, JavaOne

//Could be done nicer but (_ + _) wanted to be included
(0 /: (JavaOneTalks map {case ScalaRelated => 1; case _ => 0}))(_ + _)
  1. Actor-Based Concurrency in Scala
  2. The Feel of Scala
  3. Lift: The Best Way to Create Rich Internet Applications with Scala
  4. State: You're Doing It Wrong -- Alternative Concurrency Paradigms on the JVM™ Machine
  5. Performance Comparisons of Dynamic Languages on the Java™ Virtual Machine
  6. Alternative Languages on the JVM™ Machine
  7. Toward a Renaissance VM
  8. Script Bowl 2009: A Scripting Languages Shootout
res0: Int = 8
The weekend after JavaOne there is also the Scala Lift Off on Saturday, 6 June 2009, San Francisco

And not too far ahead there is the Silicon Valley Code Camp (10/3-10/4) with at least three Scala talks (I guess there will be more).


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