Monday, August 10, 2009

Protobuf JSON Serializer is great, but a bit slow

Run a small benchmark with the fresh new protobuf-java-format. The ProtobufJsonSerializer code is nice and trivial, greatly increasing the portability of protobuf and its capabilities to communicate with services that can't use the protobuf native parsing libraries.
Alas, it also comes with some price. Unfortunately, this new (still early) version of the library is very slow compared to other serialization libraries. See the full benchmarking wiki page for more info.

               Obj create, Serialization, Deserializtn,  Total Time, Size
protobuf , 421.14250, 3738.75000, 2471.25000, 6631.14250, 217
json (jackson), 235.45000, 3196.50000, 4934.25000, 8366.20000, 304
JsonMarshaller, 237.79000, 18107.00000, 24715.75000, 43060.54000, 298
protobuf-json , 431.94000, 19933.25000, 102577.75000,122942.94000, 389

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