Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Reflection on 2009

This post is only to myself. Nothing interesting, just few personal notes.

The last year was very interesting!
Working in both LinkedIn and kaChing was/is a great experience. These are two fantastic companies, with very bright future, leading in their own fields and with amazingly talented engineers.

The SiliconValley CodeCamp '09 was a lot of fun. Had a full room and got high speaker evaluation and some candidates to kaChine (yes, we're still hiring).

The other talk was at QCon which was exciting. There where so many people that we had to move to a larger room that was packed as well :-)
Got some nice feedback via twitter twit twit twit twit twit twit twit twit twit.

It was great to do three sessions with the Reversim podcast (in Hebrew) about Scala, scalability and startups.

The open source serialization comparison project had significantly grown, it now has a dozen committers who contributed something in some point in time and still helping to update the project.
Overall I had lots of fun, and feel like 2010 is going to be even better !

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